Monday, 31 December 2012

Elbit Systems contracts from Israel Ministry of Defense to supply military equipment for $315 million

Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ and TASE:ESLT) ("Elbit Systems") announced today that it was awarded various contracts by the Israel Ministry of Defense ("IMOD"), in a number of fields of activity for a total value of approximately $315 million.
Elbit Systems Hermes® 900 UAS Unmanned Aircraft Systems

German government approves the sale of 30 DINGO 2 4x4 armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia

The German government has given the green light in principle to sell 30 armoured vehicles Dingo 2 worth about 100 million euros (132 million U.S. dollars) to Saudi Arabia, German newspaper Bild am Sonntag reported on Sunday, December 30, 2012. The newspaper cited government sources saying that Saudi Aradia could eventually purchase up 100 Dingo 2 armoured vehicles.
German-made 4x4 armoured vehicle personnel carrier Dingo 2

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Philippines signed a contract with South Korea and Italy for military trucks and helicopters

The Philippine’s defense chief says the government has signed separate contracts worth 163 billion pesos (about $39 million) with Italian and South Korean companies to supply helicopters and trucks as part of efforts to modernize its poorly equipped military. 
South Korean military truck of KIA Motors defence

China unveils the development of a new large military transport aircraft the Y-20

China is developing Y-20 large transport aircraft to meet its military modernization drive, a Ministry of Defense spokesman said Thursday, December 27, 2012. "We are developing large transport aircraft on our own to improve the capability of air transport," spokesman Yang Yujun said at a monthly news briefing held days after photos of a Y-20 appeared online.
Scale model of Y-20 new Chinese military transport aircraft

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Media plan and coverage defence security exhibition 2013 Army Recognition online military magazine of defence and security industry

Media plan and coverage of Defence & Security Exhibition 2013 for Army Recognition team. Military people and other high-level defence decision-makers need the right information for their job. Army Recognition online military magazine provides its readers with the latest global defence news, reports, focus and analysis.
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Best wishes and Happy New Year 2013

Venezuelan Marine Corps has planned to purchase artillery howitzers and armoured from China

The Government of Venezuela has planned to purchase armored vehicles, self-propelled artillery howitzer and military equipment from China, but the specific type and quantity are not yet clear. The expected purchase appears to correspond, however, with the Venezuelan Marine Corps’ plan to procure $500 million in new weapons and military equipment.
LVTP-7 amphibious armoured vehicle of Venezuelan Marine Corps
(Credit photo

Army of Colombia has selected the LAV III 8x8 armoured vehicle for its mechanized infantry units

Colombia's government has closed negotiations for the purchase of a new 8x8 APC (Armoured Pesonnel Carrier) for Mechanized Infantry Units of Colombian Army. It's the vehicle LAV III of the Company General Dynamics Land Systems that has been selected after several tests carried out last January in Colombia.
LAV III APC 8x8 armoured personnel carrier of General Dynamics Land Systems during trial tests in Colombia. (Credit photo Erich Saumeth Cadavid)

Brazilian army will continue the upgrade program of its rocket launcher systems

Brazil wil continue to invest defence budget to upgrade and modernize its precision strike technologies with the aim of developing rockets and missiles both for domestic military use and exports. A budget of $480 million initial outlay by the Defense Ministry is focused on updating Avibras' ASTROS, acronym for Artillery SaTuration ROcket System, which is able to launching multiple rockets. 
Brazilian ASTROS II launchers during the 2009 Independence Day Parade in Brasília, Brazil (September 7th, 2009).

Syrian armed forces using Iranian-made short-range ballistic missile Fateh A-110 against rebels

The Syrian regime this week fired at least two Iranian-made, short-range ballistic missiles in what appears to be an effort to more precisely target Syrian rebels, two U.S. military officials tell CNN. The Fateh A-110 missiles are more accurate than the older Scud variants that Syrian government forces have used in recent weeks.
The Fateh A-110 is a short-range, road-mobile, solid-propellant ballistic missile based on the Russian made missile R-65 FROG, but other source said it is a copy of the Chinese DF-11.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Defence industry of Azerbaijan will produce lot of new weapons in 2013

Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense Industry designed several small arms this year. Informing APA about new weapons, Azerbaijani Minister of Defense Industry Yavar Jamalov said that one of them was a sniper rifle with 7.62x51 caliber designed in accordance with NATO standards. Shooting distance of the new sniper rifle is 1000 m, capacity of charger – 10 cartridges and weight – 7.1 kg.
Azerbaijan defence industry IST 12.7mm anti-material sniper rifle

General Dynamics Wins $2Bn for the US' Ohio Replacement and UK's Successor Programs

Electric Boat Corp., Groton, Conn., is being awarded a $1,848,606,051 cost-plus-fixed-fee with special incentives contract for design work and products for the new class of ballistic missile submarines. This contract includes foreign military sales to the United Kingdom (U.K.) (8 percent).
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Armenian army will continue to modernize its armed forces with modern weaponry

The Armenian military reported “significant” arms acquisitions in 2012 and said it will continue to modernize its forces with precision weaponry in the coming years. “At the beginning of this year we declared that we have acquired new rocket systems capable of neutralizing active armor protection of enemy tanks,” said Artsrun Hovannisian, the spokesman for Armenia’s Defense Ministry. “This is just one example new-generation precision-guided weapons.”
Tochka-U (SS-21 Scarab) ground-to-ground ballistic missile of Armenian army at Military Parade Dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of Armenia’s Independence.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

New Datasheet: Gerald R. Ford Class (CVN-78) Aircraft Carrier

The Gerald R. Ford class is the future aircraft carrier replacement class for USS Enterprise and the Nimitz class aircraft carriers. CVN-78, CVN-79, and CVN-80 are the first three ships in this U.S. Navy’s new class of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers (CVNs). First of class Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) was ordered from Newport News Shipbuilding on Sept. 10, 2008, and is scheduled to be delivered in 2015.

Russia ready in 2020 to deploy new railway-based ICBM InterContinental Ballistic Missile

Russia will restart production of railway-based intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM), with prototypes to be deployed by 2020, a senior Russian defense industry official said on Wednesday, December 26, 2012. Work has already begun on the prototypes, which will utilize exclusively domestically-made components, the official told RIA Novosti on condition of anonymity.
The RT-23 (NATO reporting name SS-24 Scalpel) was a Soviet ICBM developed and produced by the Yuzhnoye Design Bureau before 1991. It is cold launched, and comes in silo and railway car based variants. It is a three stage missile that uses solid fuel and thrust vectoring for the first stage, with 10 MIRV (Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicle ) warheads, each with 550 kT yield.

Russian army will purchase the new Russian-made sniper rifle 12.7mm Degtyarev 6S8-1 in 2013

The Russian Defense Ministry will purchase new sniper rifles next year, Deputy Defense Minister Yury Borisov said on Wednesday, December 27, 2012. Under the arms procurement program for 2013, Degtyarev 6S8-1 12.7-mm rifles will be bought for the Russian Armed Forces and from 2014 the ministry will start buying Dragunov 7.62-mm, VSS 9-mm and ASVK 12.7-mm rifles, as well as new optical-electronic sights he said.
Russian-made sniper rifle 12.7mm caliber Degtyarev 6S8-1.

United States Army engineers have developed a new road threat detection system SCISSOR-G

Explosives along roadways remain an unrelenting hazard for deployed Soldiers. U.S. Army engineers have developed a system for detecting possible threats by identifying potential threat locations on unimproved roads, the SCISSOR-G (Shadow Class Infrared Spectral Sensor-Ground).
The sensor SCISSOR-G is mounted on a vehicle, usually a Husky, using a 10-inch turret with state-of-the-art infrared and high-definition color cameras. (Photo Credit: U/S. Army)

Iran's Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) launches naval drills in Persian Gulf's gas fields

Iran's Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) launched a naval exercise in the Persian Gulf on Tuesday. According to the Press TV, the drills, code-named Fajr-91 (Dawn- 91) and planned to last four days, are conducted in the area of South Pars gas field in the Persian Gulf. The South Pars/North Dome field is a natural gas condensate field located in the Persian Gulf, and is the world's largest gas field shared between Iran and Qatar.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Government of Qatar will order seven M142 HIMARS High Mobility Artillery Rocket System from U.S.

The United States Defense Security Cooperation Agency notified Congress December 21,2012, of a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Government of Qatar for seven M142 HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) launchers, rocket, missile systems and associated equipment, parts, training and logistical support for an estimated cost of $406 million.
Wyoming Army National Guard Soldiers train as 13Ms, a multiple launch rocket system crewmember, that will operate the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, as members of the 2nd Battalion, 300th Field Artillery, 115th Fires Brigade.

Saudi Arabia National Guard ordered 68 MPCV air defense vehicles from French company Lohr

According to French financial daily "Les Echos", the Saudi Arabian National Guard ordered 68 MPCV air defense vehicles from French company Lohr. Very little information is avaiblable on this specific vehicle, however Army Recognition saw it during Eurosatory 2012 back in June. We are therefore able to provide some details on this little-known vehicle.
The MPCV (Multi-Purpose Combat Vehicle) by Soframe is based on a Mercedes Unimog 5000 chassis and fitted wth 4 Mistral air defense missile and one 12.7mm machine gun.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

France ready for military intervention in Mali first half of next year

French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian on Monday, December 24, 2012, expected a possible military intervention to quash Islamist terrorists in northern Mali during the first six months of 2013. "The military intervention would be over the first half next year ... For the moment, there is no political solution," the minister told the daily La Croix.

French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian speaks during a press conference in Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, July 18, 2012.
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Russian Air Force deploys five new Su-34 bombers aircraft in southwest of Russia

Five Su-34 frontline bombers will be deployed in an air base near the city of Voronezh in southwest Russia, a spokesperson with the Russian Western Military District said Tuesday, December 25, 2012. "Five Su-34 multi-purpose frontline bombers have left Novosibirsk aircraft building plant to Voronezh, a distance of over 3,000 km," Andrei Bobrun told reporters.
Su-34 Russian Air Force bomber aircraft (Credit photo Vitaly Kuzmin)

Monday, 24 December 2012

India and Russia signed new defense deals worth nearly $ 2.9 billion U.S. dollars

India and Russia Monday, December 24, 2012, inked 10 pacts, including new defense deals worth nearly 2.9 billion U.S. dollars, during Russian President Vladimir Putin's day-long visit to the Indian capital.
Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (R) shakes hands with visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin before a meeting at his residence in New Delhi, India, Dec. 24, 2012.

U.S. Navy Delivers Two 60m Offshore Support Vessels to Iraqi Navy

The Iraqi navy and the U.S. Navy's Naval Sea Systems Command marked the delivery of two 60-meter Offshore Support Vessels (OSV 1/ OSV 2) to the Iraqi navy in a ceremony at the Umm Qasr naval facility, Dec. 20. The two OSVs, procured as part U.S. Navy's Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Program, will help reconstitute Iraq's ability to enforce maritime sovereignty and security in the Northern Arabian Gulf. 
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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Russia’s Southern Military District is now equipped with S-400 air defence missile system

Russia’s Southern Military District has moved a step closer to adopting the new S-400 Triumf air defense missile systems, the district’s press service confirmed on Saturday, December 22, 2012.
S-400 Triumph ground-to-ground air defence missile system at military parade in Moscow.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Field tests in military conditions for the LS3 Legged Squad Support System four-legged robot

For the past two weeks, in the woods of central Virginia around Fort Pickett, the LS3 Legged Squad Support System (LS3) four-legged robot has been showing off its capabilities during field testing.
The LS3 Legged Squad Support System (LS3) four-legged robot has been showing off its capabilities during field testing.

British Company Supacat has opened new facility in Australia to produce special operations vehicle

The British Company Supacat has opened a vehicle engineering design and analysis facility in Australia as part of its contract to produce a special operations vehicle for the army. Australian Minister for Defense Materiel Jason Clare officially opened the Melbourne facility, which employs 18 design, analysis and systems engineering experts.
Supacat HMT Extenda SOV (Special Operations Vehicle).

U.S. Navy orders 2 C-40A Clipper aircraft from Boeing

The Boeing Co., Wichita, Kan., is being awarded a $145,000,000 firm-fixed-price contract for the procurement of two C-40A Clipper aircraft for the U.S. Navy. The Boeing C-40 Clipper is a military version of the Boeing 737-700C airline transport. It is used by both the United States Navy and the United States Air Force.
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Eurocopter Delivers 8th NH90 NFH Caiman to France’s DGA for its Deployment by the French Navy

Eurocopter delivered the French DGA’s first NH90 NATO Frigate Helicopter (NFH) in its new Step B version, to be used by the French Navy. This aircraft will join the fleet of seven NFHs already delivered to the French Navy in the first standard configuration.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Russia offers to India to transfer technology of BMP-3 AIFV armoured infantry fighting vehicle

Russia has offered to transfer BMP-3 combat vehicle technology to India if India cancels its project, an Indian Defense Ministry source said. This has more sense for India, as its homemade Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicle (FICV) can be commissioned no earlier than in ten years’ time.
Russian-made BMP-3 armoured infantry fighting vehicle at VTTV Omsk Defence Exhibition in Russia.

Armed forces of Syria continue to fire Scud missiles against rebel fighters

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen confirmed on Friday, December 21, 2012, that the Syrian government forces were continuing to launch Scud missiles within the last few days."I can confirm that we have detected the launch of Scud-type missiles. We strongly regret that. I consider it act of a desperate regime approaching collapse," Rasmussen told reporters at NATO headquarters.
Syrian armed forces Scud-B SS-1C short range ballistic missile

Eurocopter to supply 2 Super Puma helicopters to the Finnish Border Guard for maritime SAR

The Finnish Border Guard is to expand its Eurocopter fleet with the acquisition of two additional AS332 L1 Super Puma helicopters fully equipped for maritime search and rescue missions in the country’s challenging conditions.

United Shipbuilding Corporation Say Mistral LHD Contract ‘In Force’

 Russia's United Shipbuilding Corporation said on Friday the contract to build two Mistral class amphibious assault ships remains ‘in force,’ dismissing media reports that the country’s Defense Ministry has dropped the construction plans. “We have not been informed of any such decision by the Russian Defense Ministry. Currently, the contract remains in force, as before,” a spokesman for Russia's United Shipbuilding Corporation said.

The Sultanate of Oman buys 12 Eurofighter Typhoon fighter and 8 Hawk advanced jet trainer

The Sultanate of Oman has take the decision to purchase 12 Typhoon fighters aircraft and eight Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer aircraft. This contract is further recognition that both Typhoon and Hawk are leading aircraft in their class, providing the best capabilities available.
Eurofighter Typhoon fighter aircraft over Abu Dhabi (Credit photo Eurofighter)

Thursday, 20 December 2012

UN Security Council has approved plans for military intervention in Mali

The UN Security Council has unanimously approved plans for an African-led military intervention in Mali aimed at reunifying the embattled North African state. The resolution, approved in New York on Thursday, December 20, 2012, afternoon, calls for political reconciliation, elections and the training of the country's security forces before any operation is launched to reclaim Mali's northern areas.
A handout picture released by Azawad National Liberation Movement (MLNA) on April 2, 2012 and taken in February 2012 reportedly shows MNLA fighters.

Government of Colombia has selected the Oshkosh Sandcat Plasan 4x4 armoured vehicle

The Government of Colombia has selected the Oshkosh Sandcat Plasan 4x4 armoured vehicle, as new model of MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) for its armed forces under a development of strategy plan called "Plan Meteoro".
Oshkosh SandCat 4x4 protected vehicle at DVD defence exhibition in United Kingdom

India tests successfully indigenous surface-to-surface nuclear-capable missile Pritvhi-II

Indian scientists reported the successful test firing Thursday, December 19, 2012, of the indigenously developed nuclear-capable, surface-to-surface missile Prithvi-II with a strike range of 350 km. The Prithvi-II missile was test fired from a mobile launcher in salvo mode at the launch site in India's eastern coastal state of Odisha, the Press Trust of India news agency reported, quoting defense sources.
Indian-made Prithvi-II surface-to-surface nuclear-capable missile during firing test.

The British forces deployed in Afghanistan are to reduce to 5,300 soldiers by end of 2013

UK force levels in Afghanistan are to reduce to around 5,200 by the end of 2013, announced Wednesday December 19, 2012, the British Prime Minister. In Parliament, the Prime Minister said UK forces would shift from mentoring Afghan troops at battalion level to brigade level next year.
Around 9,000 british soldiers are currently deployed in Afghanistan under the ISAF mission.

Boeing Delivers 1st P-8I Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) to Indian Navy

Boeing on Dec. 19 made an on-site delivery of the first P-8I aircraft to the Indian Navy in Seattle, in accordance with the contract. India will receive this aircraft and two more of its eight contracted P-8Is in 2013. The program is progressing on schedule as Boeing assembles the fourth and fifth P-8Is, which are designed for long-range maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare.

Fincantieri Launches "Luigi Dattilo" Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) for the Italian Coast Guards

The first of two multi-purpose vessels commissioned from Fincantieri by the General Command of the Port Authority Corp for the Italian Coast Guard was launched today at Castellammare di Stabia (Naples).

Aircraft Carrier Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) Hits the 90 Percent Mark for Structural Completion

Huntington Ingalls Industries announced today that its Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS) division has reached 90 percent structural completion in the building of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78).

Iran Announces the Development of New Types of Submarines for IRGC naval force

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said that the country plans to equip the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) naval force with new submarines.

DDG 1000 Zumwalt Class Program Successfully Integrates Deckhouse

The US Navy's next generation destroyer, the future USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000), completed a major ship milestone with the successful lift and integration of the deckhouse on to the ship's hull Dec. 14.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Mexico starts production of first batch of 100 indigenous 4x4 armoured vehicles DN-XI

The Military Industry of Mexico and the Mexican Secretariat of National Defence, have started local production of the first batch of 100 4x4 armoured vehicles personnel carrier DN-XI for an amount of $27.1 million. The DN-XI vehicle was seen for the first time during the military parade for the celebrations of 202 years of Mexico independence.
The new Mexican-made DN-XI 4x4 tactical armoured vehicle during the military parade for the celebrations of 202 years of Mexico independence.

Russian Navy to Float Out New Borey Class SSBN Submarine on Dec. 30 2012

Russia’s Sevmash shipyard will float out a third Borey class strategic nuclear submarine, the Vladimir Monomakh, on December 30, Navy Commander Adm. Viktor Chirkov said on Wednesday. “The Vladimir Monomakh will be floated out on December 30 and its construction will continue as planned,” Chirkov said.
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Russia will put in service 100 new Topol-M and Yars ballistic missiles by end of this year

Russian strategic missile forces will put in service about 100 new Topol-M and Yars missiles by the end of this year, the Defense Ministry said Tuesday, December 18, 2012. With the deployment, "the share of modern weapons in the strategic missile forces will approach 30 percent," ministry spokesman Vadim Koval told reporters.
Topol-M SS-24 intercontinental ballistic missile

Rheinmetall successfully tests 50kW high-energy laser weapon technology demonstrator

Rheinmetall has successfully tested its new 50kW high-energy weapon technology demonstrator. Conducted at the end of November, the test encompassed the entire operational sequence from target detection and tracking to target engagement. Building on a 123-year heritage, the Düsseldorf, Germany-based Group has once again made good its claim to be the global leader in high-energy laser (HEL) technology.
The 50kW HEL weapon technology demonstrator consisted of two functional models: a 30kW weapon station integrated into an Oerlikon Revolver Gun air defence turret for static and dynamic tests.

Belarus has signed a contract with Russia for the supply of four Yak-130 trainer jets

Russia's aircraft manufacturer Irkut Corporation and Belarus's Defence Ministry have signed a contract in Minsk on 18 December, 2012, for the supply of four Yak-130 trainer jets. The signing ceremony was attended by Belarusian Defense Minister Yuryy Zhadobin, Russian ambassador Aleksandr Surikov, and Aleksandr Fomin, director of Russia's Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, according to the Belarusian Defence Ministry's press office.
Russian-made Yak-130 trainer jet

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Indonesia has ordered 37 BMP-3F Russian-made amphibious armoured infantry fighting vehicles

Indonesia has ordered 37 BMP-3F amphibious armoured infantry fighting vehicles from Russia, in addition to the 17 ones already in service with the Marine Corps. Commander of Cavalry 1 mariner regiment of Indonesian Navy, Colonel Sarjito made the revelation at the Marine headquarters in Surabaya, East Java.
Russian-made BMP-3F amphibious armoured infantry fighting vehicles of Indonesian armed forces at Defence Exhibition IndoDefence 2012.

Bangladesh army gets 44 new Chinese-made main battle tanks MBT2000 and Locating Radar LLC-2

Bangladesh Army has started introduction of the fourth-generation China-made MTB-2000 main battle tanks procured through outright purchase, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said Thursday, December 13, 2012.
Bangladesh Army's main battle tank MBT-2000 during Victory Day 2012 parade.

EU Naval Force Belgian Frigate BNS Louise-Marie Apprehends Five Suspected Pirates

In the afternoon of 15 December 2012, the EU Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) Belgian frigate BNS Louise-Marie intercepted one skiff with five suspected pirates on board.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Peru could buy 24 attack helicopters from Russia

Peru intends to buy a consignment of 24 combat helicopters and eyes Russia as one of its potential suppliers along with France and the United States, Peruvian Defense Minister Pedro Cateriano said. “The purchase of 24 helicopters is currently under the consideration and we have three proposals…, we are considering proposals from France, the United States and Russia,” Cateriano said.
Russian-made Mi-35P Hind-E attack helicopter of Peruvian Air Force