Friday, 5 April 2013

Lockheed Martin completes swim tests with the Havoc 8x8 armoured for MPC competition

Lockheed Martin’s [NYSE: LMT] Havoc 8x8, an eight-wheel-drive Armored Modular Vehicle, successfully completed amphibious testing as part of its evaluation for the Marine Personnel Carrier (MPC) competition. The trials in and near the surf at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Calif., were conducted with the vehicle loaded to its full combat weight. During the Camp Pendleton testing, Havoc demonstrated its resistance to water penetration while easily accommodating a full complement of Marine Corps battle gear for the crew.
The Havoc 8x8 features expeditionary attributes giving it fully amphibious capabilities. It can swim at sea state 2 and negotiate inland water obstacles without any configuration changes.

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